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Congratulations on your pregnancy. Are you in the market looking for a doula for your special day? Well, this article may help you navigate the process.

Here are some questions to help guide your process in finding a doula. Ultimately, the important factor making sure you feel comfortable around her as you will be spending one of the most important events of your life together!

There are two types of doulas.

  1. Birth Doulas
  2. Postpartum Doulas 
  3. Birth Doulas:
  • What is her personal birth philosophy?
  • Is she available around your due date?
  • What is her education and experience?
  • Does she help you feel confident in yourself and in the birth process?
  • Does she respect your unique perspective and preferences for your labor and birth?
  • How does she support your partner's role and needs?
  • What is the back-up situation for emergencies?
  • What are her fees and what is included?
  • Will she provide references?
  1. Postpartum Doulas:
  • What is her philosophy about parenting and supporting women and families during the postpartum period?
  • Does she help you feel confident in yourself and as a mother?
  • What is her education and experience?
  • What is the back-up situation for emergencies?
  • What different types of services does she offer?
  • Is she someone who I s compatible with your lifestyle?
  • What are her fees and included?
  • When do her services begin after birth?
  • Will she provide references?

Have you ever had a doula? If yes, how was your experience? Share in the comment below. 

This article is written by Rupal Asodaria; a mom and inventor of NursElet®. She lives with her family in beautiful town Fremont located in San Francisco bay area. Her must have essential baby product #NursElet has been featured in many national magazines and recognized by moms from all around the world. You can find her products on and

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5 Best Teething Products for Babies

  • Our Silicone Teething Toys: Not only are they super stylish and affordable, they can also be attached to a pacifier or clip. They are lightweight and easy to hold, easy to chomp, and easy to clean. They are non-toxic, food-grade silicone, BPA-free, and free of phthalates, lead, cadmium, and heavy metals. They can be washed in the dishwasher or by hand! They don't get safer or cuter than these! 


  • Our Silicone Teething Necklaces: We hear compliments about these necklaces being so stylish for mom that they wear them even when they don't have their teething baby with them! The beads are trendy, affordable, and we have colors to match EVERY outfit (yours or baby's). They are non-toxic, food-grade silicone, BPA- free, and free of phthalates, lead, cadmium, and heavy metals. There is a breakaway clasp which causes the necklaces to pop off if pulled to hard - as a safety feature. They are so easy to clean - in the dishwasher or by hand! Every mom needs this product! 

  • Marlarkey Kids Munch Mitt: This product was designed as a solution to the problem of kids dropping EVERYTHING! It is designed for babies between the ages of 3 to 7 months. It's worn as a glove on the baby's hand so that they are essentially gnawing on their hand without getting all their germs and chapping their on skin. There is a Silicone portion on the glove that soothes the baby's gums and the mitt even makes a sensory-stimulating crinkle noise while baby chews on it. Moms think of everything! 

  • Safety First Mombella Elephant: This modern-looking teether is easy for little hands to grasp, has raised nubs at the top which feel great on the gums of the teether and also can double as an introductory toothbrush for those first teeth. A pediatric specialist helped develop this product, it's 100% silicone, and is safe for the dishwasher and fridge. 

Top 10 Unique Baby Shower Gifts

Let's talk about Baby Shower gifts! It can be stressful thinking of the perfect gift. I'll be honest -- I always appreciated most when people gifted me something off of my registry. My husband and I intentionally chose the things we knew we needed or wanted for baby! However, nothing blessed me more than the unique, thoughtful, creative gifts from friends who knew what was trending and who knew my personality! The cutest things on the market are typically not sold at the big stores that most people use for registries. This makes online shopping really fun, and you're going to love the shops and products I'm sharing with you today! 

My recommendation for a Baby Shower gift is to choose something off the registry that the mom or couple created, if they have one, and then also choose something unique and not-so-typical! I've compiled a list of my Top 10 recommendations for unique Baby Shower Gifts. 

Tip: Always wrap the gift in cellophane, tie with a cute ribbon, and attach a Little Teether teething toy to the ribbon! Presentation is 90% of the gift, in my mind! 

1. Some of the most popular and trending gifts right now are the Batzkids Milestone blankets, crib sheets, pillows... Everyone at the baby shower will be impressed by this gift! And it's such a fun way to document baby's fun milestones! Honestly, the hardest part about this gift is choosing which one to order! 

2. I'm sure you've discovered the world of Etsy, but let me tell you about one of our favorite shops! Bebe Nourri has the CUTEST custom onesies and t-shirts. These gifts are always loved because they are so thoughtful and absolutely no one else will be showing up with an identical gift. 

3. Have you heard of Nurselet? Your friend may or may not decide to nurse/pump. This gift would be ideal for someone who knows they want to breast feed. This Nursing Bracelet is designed to hold up your shirt while you nurse or pump - this elevates back pain and also the hassle of your shirt constantly falling down. When you're not nursing, the bracelet can be worn around your wrist to remind you which side you need to nurse on next! Pregnancy brain does not end once the baby is born - I know from experience! This is such a meaningful gift for a mom who has committed to the breastfeeding journey! 

4. Bear and Bunny is one of our other favorite Etsy shops. You will quickly become obsessed with the leggings and shorties on this website because they grow with your baby - more bang for your buck! The one pair of clothing you won't have to pack up after 3 weeks of them wearing it. Isn't it cruel how quickly kids grow? While you're ordering a few pairs for the baby shower gift, you may as well grab some for your own kiddos! 

5. The reason I love Candy Couture Shop so much is because they have ALL types of gifts. From jewelry to pool floats to coffee mugs, everything is adorable. The reason I recommended them for Baby Shower gifts is because you will find something super meaningful for mom. When was the last time you were at a Baby Shower and the mom got a gift? A really popular item right now is Monogrammed Necklaces. A simple necklace with the first letter of the future baby's name. If this doesn't bring an emotional pregnant woman to tears, I don't know what will. 

6. River Babe Threads has cute apparel for the whole family. We love this company and can't recommend their products more! They are super popular, affordable, and adorable. Grab something boring off the registry, add in an item from this shop, and your Baby Shower gift will be the cutest one at the party! 

7. Okay so maybe we're obsessed with clothing, but Wire and Honey is the neatest company. They create hip, urban apparel that represents all things inspiring. We stand behind this company and want their message to spread throughout the world, one Baby Shower at a time. 

8. I should actually warn you about this next site, Stitches By Natalie. You are going to melt when you see their products and you will want EVERYTHING. I have never found a more unique and thoughtful gift before. They have so many memory and keepsake animals and products that are made from significant items of yours or your children. They embroider adorable animals with birth information or anything you want. This is a gift that will be kept FOREVER. 

9. For whatever reason, I feel like a lot of gifts contain clothing at baby showers, but there aren't always a ton of gifts that contain cute baby shoes. I loved when I got shoes because, for one, those itty bitty shoes are just adorable. For two, they're so expensive and baby's feet grow so fast that its a pain to have to buy them all yourselves. Everyone will love a baby shower gift that has baby shoes in it, and Mon Petit has some of our very favorites, for both genders. 

10. Last but not least, every gift MUST have one of our Little Teether teething products. Mom's all love the teething necklaces because they are so stylist and functional. And the teething toys are the perfect gift used to wrap a present. The teething toys are such fun colors and designs that they are the sweetest addition to any gift. All babies go through the LONG teething phase, so you'll be the new best friend if you get mom and/or dad stocked up on these products. Babies start showing symptoms of teething as early as 3 to 4 months, sometimes earlier. 

I hope this was helpful! Remember that you will be appreciated just for showing up to the shower, with or without a gift. But we hoped to compile a list of some fun shops that maybe you hadn't heard of before, to create a sweet and thoughtful gift. No matter how small or inexpensive the gift is, wrap it up with cellophane and all eyes will be on you as you walk into the party! 

Top 3 Teething Hacks

Unfortunately, teething is something that affects ALL babies. We WANT our babies to get their teeth, but the process can be so uncomfortable, can throw off our routines, affect our sleep at night, and cause our notoriously happy baby to be all sorts of grouchy! So these are three SIMPLE hacks that can make this process a little bit easier for everyone.


  • Utilize the fridge. Most parents habitually put teething toys into the freezer. This actually ends up being too harsh for the baby to hold or to put in their mouth. The fridge is nice and cool and is actually a perfect temperature for our Silicone Teething Products -- both toys and necklaces. This hack also works great with a wet washcloth, which is another favorite for teething babies.


  • Have products readily available and easy to clean. When your sweet baby turns into the crazy teething monster, you want to have access to a quick remedy. Let's be honest, our babies drop EVERYTHING on the floor. So it can be a pain to have to wash a plush teether once it falls on the floor of a restaurant or in a parking lot. When your kiddo is sad, you want something quick and available. All of our products are made from Food Grade Silicone. They can be washed with soap, in the dishwasher, or using sterilization bags. Silicone doesn't harbor bacteria and there is no area that you are unable to clean. Have these toys and necklaces scattered around your house, in your diaper bag, in your car, so you have quick access to one whenever your baby starts fussing.

  • Teething Oil. We love to use Punpkin Butt but there are several products on the market. When there is a lot of drool, it is sometimes hard for the oil to stay put in the right spot in their mouth. I like to rub a little bit of the oil onto their favorite Little Teether (toy or necklace) and when they gnaw on it, the oil will hit just the right spot. 

I hope these hacks are helpful for you and your little teether! And remember, you're not alone -- all kids get teeth at some point! 

Top 3 Safe & Non-Toxic Teething Remedies

There are so many products on the market, targeting teething babies. It is one of the more difficult phases for parents to deal with, so moms and dads are always looking for products to help make the process easier. The difficulty is finding products that are safe and non-toxic. Here are 3 super easy, safe, affordable, and non-toxic options for teething remedies. 

  • Breast Milk Popsicle: It's been referred to as the "Momsicle." Not only does this provide a sensory experience for baby, it is delicious and feels so soothing on their gums. The downside is that it can get messy, and that most people don't already have the molds to make popsicles. You can find them cheap at the grocery store or on amazon. And if you're already nursing, the breast milk is free! Follow the link to see instructions of how to make these popsicles. (Note: you can also use ice cube trays to make breast milk ice cubes and then put them into a mesh baby feeder.)

  • Little Teether Toys and Necklaces: They're stylish, modern, affordable, completely safe, and easy to clean! You can't do better than these products. They are easy to stick in your diaper bag, stash around the house and in the car, cool off in the refrigerator, and keep around your neck. The toys and necklaces are loved by moms and babies and are quickly becoming the most desired teething products for the little teethers around the world. 

  • Big Whole Refrigerated Carrot Sticks: You simply cannot get more simple or more affordable than this. The temperature off the refrigerator is perfect for teething gums. It isn't as harsh as the freezer but still provides the cool sensation to give the gums some relief. The big carrots are perfect for the tiny hands to hold onto and also introduce your little ones to vegetables! Win-win! 


We'd love to hear if you have other remedies that have worked well for your little teethers. Please comment below - we love hearing new ideas!